Small Groups

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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

The Way We Grow

Instead of looking at the back of someone's head listening to a monologue in a large gathering, small groups of people gathering together allows for face to face conversations, back and forth dialogue.  It's where we hear each other's stories of the day or week, and sometimes small groups even become the place safe enough to tell the stories of our lives--the good and bad--the moments that shaped us.  And when we tell our stories with no one trying to fix us or rescue us, we can then open the Word, and see where God's story speaks to our story.  And somehow, over time, in relationship, and through the Word and the gentle work of the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves growing--areas of our life being transformed.  
Small groups at CCC are people intentionally giving themselves to the wonder of God working through other people to help shape us.  Some groups meet online, other groups in person.  It's okay to "try" several groups, but probably the best means to finding a small group is to find someone you like in our large gathering, and see if you could join them in their small group.  We also have some "medium-sized" groups (listed below) that meet monthly around an activity--another way to meet someone you "connect" with.  But if you're ready to jump in to a small group, fill out the form below and we can start the conversation with you!

Weekend Meetups @
210 E 117th

3rd Saturday of the Month-Game Day 4pm-6pm

It's board games, card games, air hockey, pool, or watching the game cast from someone's phone onto the big screen.  BYOS-Bring your own snacks! Sometimes friends go out to eat afterwards. 

Movie Day 4pm-6pm

Usually a movie day occurs once a month, but you will
need to check our events page for a specific day and what
will be playing.

4th Saturday of the Month-Craft Day 4pm-6pm

Everyone brings their own craft-hobby and works on it while hanging out and talking (knitting, drawing, models).  Sometimes individuals bring extra supplies to work together with others--jewelry making & painting.  BYOS-Bring your own snacks!  This group usually has a higher percentage of women--unless a guy specifically initiates an activity!

Sign up for a small group

We'd love to get you connected to a small group in your area. Fill out the form below to get started.

Small groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Our groups take place throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find a group that's right for you. We'd love to have you join us!