". . . you will be my witnesses . . . to the ends of the earth."

Acts 1:8

Our God is not a "local god".  He is the Lord over all creation and over all nations.  Jesus commanded us to make disciples not just in our own neighborhood (Jerusalem), but also in our own region (Judea)--even with those we don't like (Samaria), and to go to all nations (Acts 1:8).  
At CCC, we are wanting to fulfill that command simultaneously while we also share the gospel here in our own neighborhood.  CCC gives 10% of everything financially given to benefit missions outside of the U.S.  Members of CCC can also directly participate by going to these places to aid in special projects when it is beneficial to the local minister and his/her work.

Active Missionaries We Support

Christian Arabic Services

A dynamic ministry operating in 22 Arabic speaking nations, with over 540 Arab graduates from their seminary, who are now planting churches, leading Bible  studies, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Founded and led by Safaa Fahmi.

Harvest for Christ Foundation

Working across the Philippines, HFCF regularly supports 25 pastors, 4 evanglelism-discipleship teams, and 10 feeding programs.  They provide disaster and emergency assistance (distributed sacks of rise to 1000 pastors during COVID), rebuild churches, and distribute bibles. Directed by David Romulo

Christian Mission of South India

A vital ministry to over 35 villages providing Bible training, medical services, children's education, rural development, empowerment of women, and disaster relief.  On top of all this they plant churches establishing local leaders to carry out the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Founded and led by Dr. Benni Vedanayagam.

Good Shepherd Christian Hospital

The ministry of Salem Massey over the past 30 years in Pakistan has culminated in the founding of a hospital treating Christians and Muslims in the name of Jesus Christ.  Translation of the Bible into Punjabi (the heart language) of the people in the Kasur region.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya!
October 1-14, 2024

We will be partnering with local NYC ministry, Story of God, and with a local pastor, Peter Abungu,  in Nairobi to make gospel presentations in their schools and neighborhoods.  We are needing a minimum of 12  team members for support to  the 6-person presentation team.  Support team members will help with movement of equipment (must be in good physical health) and will be prepared to share their testimony one-on-one with students after the presentation team.  $5250 per person. Cost includes airfare, lodging, meals, excursions,  local travel, plus support to the local ministry.  

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.