Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Passing the baton of faith and leadership to the next generation is important to us, and has been an area that many churches in America (not all) have been failing for the past 40 years.  Something different has to be done.  We are attempting something different.
No more babysitting.  It's time to train.
Children need their parents to disciple them.  Parents need examples of how to do that.  So, children at CCC attend the first part of Sunday morning--watching how mom and dad worship, pray, take communion. The children are seen, known and loved by other adults who are friends of mom and dad.  (These things are more important than church leaders of the past realized until two generations of kids who grew up in church abandoned faith in college).
Then we have a moment for children in our main service.
It's just 5 minutes.  But the kids come forward before the sermon, and a Children's ministry leader has prepared a kid-version summary of the topic for that Sunday's message.  
Mom and dad get an example of how to talk about spiritual things with their child at a child level.
Children can then leave with other children for "Kids Church" in a separate room from our main service or they can go back and sit with mom and dad. Some special handouts for older elementary kids help out with this.
It's simple, but it's impactful.
Contact us below for more info on Children's Ministry and check our page for Pre-School children.

Sunday Mornings at PS 96
10:30 am

Children join mom and dad for the first part of the service, participate in a 5-minute "Kids Moment" before the sermon, and then can join other children for "Kids Church" in a separate area
go back to their seats with mom and dad within the service.

Summer Kids Camp

We host an afternoon "Kids Camp" in Thomas Jefferson park one week in August.  Children can join for games, art, science, singing, drama, snacks, and a Bible story--one big idea for each day!

Kids Special Events

Throughout the year our leadership  and volunteers host a few special events for children and parents that let kids know they are loved and important to the life of the church--and also provide support & training for parents. 

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