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You get more when you serve others


Joining a team at CCC is more than just filling a role on the weekend or during the week. It is a tangible way that we run after those who are far from God and in need of love. Joining a team at CCC is just one way to show God's love to those around you, leveling up your spiritual growth, and finding your fit within this part of the body of Christ, known as CCC.

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When you join a team at CCC, you truly are making this a place where real people, dealing with real issues, can encounter and experience a real relationship with a real God while growing stronger with other real people (that's a lot of real's ... but we really mean it.)

It takes a lot of people serving with open hands and open hearts in order to make a weekend happen at CCC. Your unique personality, gifting, and dedication to building God's Kingdom is needed!


Below you can find a list of all the different teams at CCC.


Serving on the HOSPITALITY TEAM is a wonderful way to connect with others, grow in your relationship with Jesus, and tangibly love those around you. Whether you are holding a door, passing out an invite card, or connecting with them as they take their seat, you are valuable and a part of something bigger than yourself.

The Hospitality Team includes:

  • Greeters - greet people, open doors, ensure masks are on, and welcome them to CCC.
  • Ushers - pass out weekend packets, seat guests appropriately, answer questions, and engage new guests at CCC.


Serving on the TECH TEAM is a wonderful way to creatively connect with others, grow in your relationship with Jesus, and tangibly create an environment that helps others worship God. Whether you are running cables, operating a camera, hanging lights, or clicking through slides, you are valuable and a part of something bigger than yourself.

The Tech Team includes:

  • Projectionist - create and click through lyric, sermon, announcement slides
  • Sound Technician - operate and ensure quality audio during live worship
  • Video & Lighting Switcher - switch between during camera angles and create captivating light scapes to enhance others worship experience
  • Camera Operator - operate and run cameras during live worship


Serving on the SPIRITUAL GROWTH TEAM is a wonderful way to connect with others with a God who loves them, grow in your relationship and reliance on Jesus, and tangibly serve those around you with the gift(s) God has given you. Whether you are praying for someone, teaching kids, or leading a small group or class, you are valuable and a part of something bigger than yourself.

The Spiritual Growth Team includes:

  • Small Group Leaders - lead groups of people on a weekly basis to discover, develop, and deepen their relationship with God and others
  • Community Kids Teachers - teach and train kids on the weekend to learn and love Jesus so they can live like him today
  • Weekend Prayer - meeting others needs through prayer after each service on the weekend


Serving on the COMMUNITY CARE TEAM is a great way to regularly be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you during the week. We don't just meet on the weekend to worship, instead we join Jesus in his mission of seeking and saving those who are far from him by tangibly showing His love to those around us. Whether you are praying for someone, cleaning up trash, passing out free food, or just following the Holy Spirit's lead however he wants you to meet the needs of others, you are valuable and a part of something bigger than yourself.

The Community Care Team regularly serves in the following ways:

  • 210 Open - during the week we offer free coffee, water, and wifi in our building while creating a friendly and welcoming space for our neighbors to connect with one another, work, or study
  • Serve Saturday - the second Saturday of every month we hit the streets of East Harlem to serve
  • Holiday Market - every year we turn 210 into a winter wonderland and give away free gifts, hot chocolate, and door prizes to the families of East Harlem

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